The Frink Family in America
Second Edition
Compiled by Peggy Frink Humphreys
John Frink (First Generation), the ancestor of the 12 generations of the Frink families in this 1260-page genealogy and family history, arrived in Stonington, Connecticut, in 1657, with his wife, Grace Stevens Frink, and their three daughters. Their descendants, families of both sons and daughters in each generation, are included in this edition, published in 2005. The two indexes - a Frink Index and an Index of Allied Families - list more than 17,000 names. The first edition, which incorporated the voluminous records of Wilbur G. Frink (Eighth Generation, 1877-1955) was published in 1971 and was quickly out of print.

This new edition is the result of research trips to England, in New York State and New York City; in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington, D.C., and in the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Additional helpful information came in countless letters from Frink family members throughout the United States.

Comments From Readers

"Our family is very lucky to have such a talented and motivated leader to step forward and put it all together. If there were a Queen of the Frink family, I am certain it would be you. I had no clue as to how large the task of gathering the Frink Family history was but seeing the excellent results clearly indicate it must have been close to overwhelming. Ever since the books first arrived, there was a buzz of excitement throughout the house as everyone eagerly dug into the details. The book has single-handedly renewed the interest of my children in their family history while at the same time putting into perspective both past and present."

R.C.F., Tallahassee, FL

"Your inbox and mailbox must be chock full of words of praise and appreciation. The book is simply tremendous in more ways than one - all 4+ pounds of it! I am awestruck at the work that must have gone into it. Now when I can't remember how old this or that grandchild is, I know where to turn."
E.F.M., Indianapolis, IN

"The book arrived over Memorial Day week-end just in time for our family reunion. What an undertaking and what a legacy for the Frink family! We can't begin to thank you enough.

I spent last winter summarizing the results of my 20+ years of genealogy research, and it was a tremendous load off my shoulders. I can't imagine how you must feel now that you have completed your book which took so many years. You must be in need of a long vacation."
J.F.D., Dresden, NY

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Peggy Frink Humphreys
Author, Editor
B.A., University of Iowa
M.S., Columbia University